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Bublr Compendium

Here we will attempt to answer any question you may have about Bublr Bikes.
If your question is still unanswered feel free to contact us!

Bublr Basics

What is Bublr Bikes?

Bublr Bikes is Greater Milwaukee’s locally operated non-profit bikeshare system. Bublr Bikes bikeshare is ideal for short distance point-to-point trips providing users the ability to pick up a bicycle at any self-serve Bublr Bikes Station and return it to any other Bublr Bikes Station located within the system’s service area.

Do Bublr Bikes riders need to wear helmets?

While helmet use is not required by law, many of our riders have helmets — workers and residents bring their own. We strongly encourage all cyclists to ride as cautiously as possible, whether or not they use helmets.

Can I ride a Bublr on the sidewalk?

Please do not. It’s actually illegal for an adult to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk in the City of Milwaukee.

What are other the local bike laws?

Visit The Wisconsin Bike Federation for more information. All Bublr Bikes riders are expected to observe all local laws.

Does Bublr Bikes have bicycles available for people with disabilities?

Bublr Bikes offers side-by-side and single seat trikes and are working on implementing hand-crank trikes.  These bikes are available for checkout at Bublr Stations the same as any other bikes.  The bikes can generally be found at parks with good cycle paths like Estabrook Park in Shorewood, South Shore Park in Bayview, and Hart Park in Wauwatosa.

Bublr’s bikes are designed to be usable by as many people as possible. They have low, step-through frames and an upright seating posture. They also have three speeds to make tackling hills easier.  Bublr has also implemented a fleet of ebikes that makes tackling area hills even easier!

How old do I need to be to ride a Bublr Bike?

You’ll need to be at least 14 years old to use regular Bublr Bikes and 16 to use ebikes.


How do ebikes work?

Ebikes have an electric pedal assist motor that helps propel you up to 15mph. Simply turn on the motor with the button on the handle bar and start pedalling!

Do ebikes cost more to ride?

There is a $1 unlock fee for ebikes, however, people who have purchased an Annual or Access Pass can use the ebikes without any additional fees!

How do I check out a Bublr ebike?

Ebikes can be checked out the same was and any other Bublr Bike, at the station kiosk, with your Bublr Pass Fob or by downloading the BCycle App on your phone.


How can I purchase a pass?

If you want to ride once or twice, purchase a Single Ride at any Bublr Station.  Single Ride’s are charged on a per-minute basis.  Make sure you read the kiosk screen when purchasing for the current price.

If you’re a frequent user, the following passes can be purchased on the Bublr Bikes website or through one of our mobile apps. (available in the App Store or Google Play):


Single Ride: Rides are charged per minute

24-Hour Pass
$24 one time charge. Full access to the Bublr Bikes' system.  Keep a bike out as long as you want, or check bikes in/out while your pass is active.

Weekender Pass: $25 one time charge.  Take as many 2-hr trips as you want over a 3 day period.  Trips lasting longer than 2hrs will be charged $0.25 per minute

30-Day Member Pass: $30/Month (up to 60-minute rides)

Annual Member Pass: $129/Year (up to 60-minute rides)

*a 7.9% sales tax fee is added to all purchases

What are usage fees?

If you are a Bublr Bike pass-holder and a bike is kept out beyond the specified trip limit for the pass, 25¢ is accrued for each additional minute the bike is out. The 60-minute limit is to encourage on-demand trips, we are a bikeshare system, not explicitly a bike rental system. Some users like to take longer rides or keep the bike out beyond an hour, which is fine, and we offer passes the make that possible, but that’s technically one less bike available in the share system for someone else to use. Additional usage fees accrue for pass-holders and will be billed at the end of the month or when the current pass expires.

As a pass-holder, if you want to keep riding and avoid usage fees, you simply need to close out your current trip and start a new one. This effectively resets the trip clock and can be done from any kiosk station. Locate a nearby station and dock the bike to close out your current trip. Listen for 3 beeps to confirm your bike is docked. Then you just need to check the bike out again using your preferred checkout method (Fob, App, Kiosk)

If you have any questions regarding usage fees that you’ve accumulated, contact us at 414-931-1121

Can I use my Bublr Pass in another city?

Unfortunately a Bublr Pass only works in the Bublr Bikes system in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and West Allis.

I bought a Bublr Pass; when will the key fob arrive?

Congratulations!  Bublr fobs are sent through standard mail. Your Bublr Pass will arrive in your mailbox in about a week. Don’t let one week get in your way. Here are some other ways to get riding immediately:


• You can use the credit/debit card associated with your account at a Bublr Bikes station kiosk.  Simply select the "I have a pass" option on the kiosk screen.

• Download one of our Mobile Apps for FREE, you’ve already signed up just use your email address and password that you created when signing up online. When you’re in you can check out bikes with your app!

I broke my Bublr Pass and/or lost my pass. How do I fix that?

Call us immediately if you have lost your pass. You want to avoid assuming responsibility for a lost or stolen bike.


If your Bublr Pass is damaged or non-functional, send an email to or give us a call at 414-931-1121 and we’ll take care of you! There is a $5 replacement fee for your key fob.

Can I open up multiple Bublr Bikes memberships under my account for me and my family?

As a member you are only allowed to check out one Bublr Bike at a time. Therefore, member accounts must be registered separately. When you’re finished with your registration account remember to log out of your new account and go back to our pricing page to register another family, friend, or associate. When registering others you may use the same payment information but you must have a different email address associated with each account.

Riding Bublr Bikes

I’d like to visit Milwaukee. How do I use Bublr Bikes?

You can buy a Weekender Pass on one of our Mobile Apps (available in the App Store or Google Play), or walk up to any station kiosk and purchase a Single Ride or 24 Hour Pass.

Where can I find Bublr Stations?

On our website you can find all of our current stations. You can also download one of our Mobile Apps on your smart phone to view our service map, purchase a pass, and check out a bike!

What if a Station is Full or Empty?

If a station is full or empty when you arrive, go to the kiosk, click Start > More Options > Station Full/Empty for a list of nearby stations with available docks. For stations that are full, add a free extra 15 minutes to your trip.

To make sure bikes are available at a nearby station, download one of our Mobile Apps for real-time station information and bike availability.

What if I have a flat tire?

If your Bublr Bike has a flat tire or you’re experiencing another issue with it, please return the bike to the nearest station. Call or text Bublr Customer Service at 414-931-1121 so we can lock the bike down for repair.

What if I’m involved in a crash while riding a Bublr Bike?

If there has been an injury, please dial 911 first. If appropriate, contact the local police as well. As in any crash, exchange information with any other affected party and collect contact information from witnesses. Contact our Customer Service at 414-931-1121.

Good Things To Know

What is Bublr’s operating season?

Bublr Bikes are available year round. We suspend service when the City of Milwaukee declares a snow emergency and may suspend network service for any other weather condition at our discretion. We also bring in the ebikes and shut down lower used stations from early December through mid March. You can always find which stations are open by checking our map or app.

How will Bublr Bikes handle Milwaukee’s winters?

We maintain our bikes on a regular basis and wipe them of salt and grime. We remove snow from around our stations too, and check to make sure they’re working correctly.