Bublr for Biz

Bublr 4 Biz

Interested in enhancing the health and happiness of your employees or residents?
Our corporate program, Bublr for Biz, is perfect for you. Bublr offers a convenient way to get around the city and, it’s also a healthy and green alternative to other modes of transportation. Enroll as a Corporate Partner today, and choose whether you’d like to offer your employees/residents fully subsidized or partially subsidized Annual Memberships.


$75 Corporate Membership / Full Contribution

  • 25% discount off Annual Bublr Pass ($100 retail)
  • Business contributes $75 per Annual Bublr Pass
  • Pass is FREE for Participants

$40 Employee Discount / Half Contribution

  • 20% discount off Annual Bublr Pass ($100 retail)
  • Business and Participant each contribute $40 annually* per Annual Bublr Pass
  • Pass is $40 for Participants (50% savings over retail)

Bublr 4 Biz Memberships include an unlimited number of 60-minute rides. 

Note: *Participants are responsible for any additional usage fees that are accrued for rides over 60 minutes. See Annual Membership page for all pass details.

How It Works

  1. ENROLL YOUR COMPANY. Email our Sponsorship Coordinator at Kristi@bublrbikes.org and let us know which membership level works best for your company. We’ll send you an agreement to review, sign, and return to us.
  2. ENROLL YOUR PARTICIPANTS. Once the agreement is signed, we’ll create a discount code for your company to share with participants. They can then sign up the code provided for a discounted Annual Membership.
  3. PROMOTE. We’ll provide you with internal marketing materials to let your participants know about this great new perk.
  4. REPORTING: Bublr can report on the number of trips, miles ridden, calories burned, and carbon emissions saved. This information helps keeps employees engaged and makes great social content for your brand.

Interested in becoming a Bublr 4 Biz partner, or in other Sponsorship opportunities?
Email our Sponsorship Coordinator at Kristi@bublrbikes.org


What types of organizations can sign up for the Corporate Program?

Organizations of any type can participate in the Corporate Program to provide discounted Bublr Annual Memberships to employees, residents or members. This includes businesses of all sizes, neighborhood groups, condo associations, service and faith organizations, and social clubs.

Is there a minimum or a maximum number of employees or members required?

No, organizations of all sizes are welcome to participate.

How long does our agreement last?

The Corporate Membership Agreement does not need to be renewed or updated until either party would like to make a change to the membership level or discontinue the program. When a participant signs up through the Corporate Program, their individual Membership is good for one year from the day they sign up. Corporate Membership Agreements can be terminated at any time, but doing so will not terminate any participant’s Membership purchased during the time the discount was offered.

What happens when a participant is already a member?

If a participant signed up for his/her Membership within one month prior to the Corporate Membership Agreement being signed, just provide us with their information and we will reimburse them to match your organization’s Corporate Membership level. If the participant has been a Member for more than one month, we will not able to apply a refund, but he/she can be added to a Corporate Membership when their Membership is up for renewal.

What happens when a participant leaves the company?

Once a participant purchases an Annual Membership using the Corporate Membership discount, they are granted the Membership for the full year, even if they are terminated or leave before the time is up. You will not receive a refund or prorated amount if a participant leaves the company or group.

Can we receive any reporting on how frequently our participants use the bikes?

Because of our Privacy Policy, we are not able to include this type of reporting. But we will include the names of everyone who signs up on your monthly invoice.

Can you help us market and communicate the benefit?

Yes! We’ll provide every Corporate Partner with a sample email and flyer that explains how Bublr works and how to sign up for the discounted Membership.

How does Bublr work during winter months?

Bublr is available 24/7/365

Does Bublr Bikes qualify for pre-tax commuter benefits?

Unfortunately, IRS tax code does not currently recognize bike share as being eligible for commuter benefits. As bike share gains more support around the country, we hope this changes down the line.


If you have any questions about our Bublr for Biz, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator at Kristi@bublrbikes.org.