Bublr Bikes is Greater Milwaukee’s bike share program! With Bublr Bikes, you’re able to take a bike from one Bublr Station, enjoy a quick ride to anywhere, and return the bike to any Bublr Station that’s nearby. We have stations in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and West Allis.


Bicycles are an accessible, convenient and integrated travel option for everyone.


Bublr Bikes delivers a sustainable, excellent bike share system for all.

Bike sharing is a valuable transportation service that moves people around while moving communities forward. With low-cost options including per minute pricing or an annual membership, residents and visitors can easily pick up a bike at one station and drop it off at another station in the city’s network.

As an on-demand, sustainable, and healthy mode of transit, bike sharing complements your city’s existing public transportation networks to enhance mobility, wellness, economic development and quality of life. Bike sharing helps build strong communities — and most successful bike shares are the result of strong community efforts.

Our Mission In Action

Develop an Inter-Municipal System of Large Scale
Bublr Bikes currently has stations in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and West Allis
Ensure Station Density and Connection
Bublr Bikes will build a contiguous, inclusive network, expanding from central hubs into many neighborhoods. No Bublr Station will be more than 1/2 mile from another station. Bublr Stations will be installed in locations based on the recommendations of neighborhood stakeholders.
Communicate Effectively with Customers
Bublr Bikes will provide simple, easy-to-understand instructions for ALL of our potential riders — residents, visitors, employees, etc. Bublr will provide English and Spanish content to connect with a variety of people, and add other language options as the network expands.
Be Visible, Active and Integrated
Bublr Bikes will engage with the city’s diverse neighborhoods and cyclist groups, relying on on-the-ground insight to build the Bublr network and user base. Bublr will reflect Milwaukee’s diverse population through board participation, volunteer efforts, and an ongoing bicycle mechanic internship for Milwaukee’s youth.
Create an Accessible System
Bublr Bikes is committed to creating a bike share system that is accessible to as many people as possible. A ride starts at $0.25 per minute, and subsidized and discounted passes will be provided to income qualified individuals. Additionally, Bublr’s how-to videos are closed captioned, Bublr’s customer service line is equipped to receive text messages and the Bublr website is compatible with screen reading software. Bublr’s bikes are also designed to be ridable by as many people as possible, with low, step-through frames and upright seating. Bublr also provides Adaptive Cycles for riders with disabilites. These bikes include, Side by Side and Single Seat tricycles and Hand cycles.
Build Encouragement and Engagement Programs
Bublr Bikes will develop programs — including pass giveaways, safety education, and a Bublr mileage challenge — to encourage first-time riders to try Bublr. Bublr will customize programs to serve diverse audiences, recognizing the distinct barriers each audience may face when considering Bublr Bikes.

For more information about how Bublr Bikes puts its Mission into action click here to read Bublr Bikes’ Annual Reports

Think only “bikers” use Bublr Bikes? Not the case! The majority of our members are traveling through Milwaukee on two wheels for the first time. Bublr Bikes eliminates barriers that prevent people from biking in the city by providing well-maintained bicycles and theft-proof bicycle stations.

So who wins with Bublr Bikes? Just about everyone.

Busy Shops & Restaurants

A network of Bublr Bikes stations surrounding your business will multiply the number of people likely to “stop and shop.”

Increased Revenue

In Minneapolis, bike share users spend more at restaurants and other establishments near bike share stations. As the footprint of Bublr Bikes expands, consumers will follow.

Convenient Transportation

Bublr Bikes is a simple, inexpensive transportation option that helps you go from Point A to Point B.

Easy on the wallet…

Think about how often you hop in the car for a two-mile trip. Join Bublr Bikes, and find yourself driving less often. For members of Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC, that translates to a savings of $800 on travel costs over a single year!

…and the waistline.

In Colorado, 24% of Denver B-cycle members report losing weight since joining the bike share. Pedal a couple miles every week and you might discover that your pants fit more comfortably, too.

Increased Interest in Local Activities

Our city has become more vibrant with the addition of Bublr Bikes. By encouraging people to take trips they may not have otherwise taken, Bublr Bikes helps people connect with businesses, events, and all that our great city has to offer.

Engaged Population

A network of Bublr Bikes stations woven into the fabric of our community encourages a new relationship between people and city. All of Milwaukee is a quick ride away.

Team Bublr


James Davies, Executive Director

Charlie Cofta, Senior Operations Manager

John Dereszynski, Station Manager

Andrew Ditto, Lead Creative

Stefhon Hubbard, Weekend Operations Manager

Gabriel Manzanet, System Technician

Kabayiza Ntirengenya, Lead Mechanic

Michael Ramirez-Sunstrom, Operations Manager

Kristi Secord, Sponsorship Coordinator

Kadeam Wilson, Senior Workforce Development Instructor



Bublr Executive Leadership Council

Nicole Gulatz, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Jerome White, Wheel & Sprocket
David Britton, Foley & Lardner
Ariana Hones, Wisconsin Conservation Voters
Mary Schanning, Summerfest
Ray Hill, Historic King Drive BID

Board of Directors

Rese Schneider, Discovery World
Board President

Bruce Keyes, Foley & Lardner, LLP,
Board Chair and Co-Founder

Barry Mainwood, Mainly Editing
Board Vice President and Co-Founder

Angela Sprau
Board Treasurer

Tonieh Welland, Board Secretary

Members at Large

Kenge Adams, Connect Business Consulting and RISE Cycles

Jay Burseth, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Mike Amsden, City of Milwaukee

David Diamond, Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin

Jennifer Ferguson, City of Wauwatosa

Noel Kegel, Wheel and Sprocket

Eugene Manzanet, Scaling Wellness in MKE

John Miller, Arenberg Holdings LLC

Bob Monnat, Mandel Group