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Bublr Group Rides

Your clients, patrons, prospects, and visitors can explore Greater MKE with their


when they sign up using a “$15 Off Weekender Pass” promo code, courtesy of your business!

Use “$15 Off Bublr Bikes Weekender Pass” promo codes as Thank You’s, Added Value to a purchase,
hosting a Team-Building event, Client Meetings, Employee Rewards, and more.

Promo Codes can be: Branded to Your Business ● Easily  Emailed ● Custom Expiration Dates ● Good for up to 1 year ●
Completely Customized (other Bublr Bikes passes or a custom Discount Amount.)

Gift your customers a way to explore Milwaukee, West Allis, & Wauwatosa’s
Custard/ Ice Cream/ Chocolatiers ● Restaurant Patios ● Gardens ● Beaches ● Statues/Sculptures ● Parks ●
Trails ● Coffee shops ● Selfie Scavenger Hunt ● Murals ● Architecture ● Farmer’s Market ● Create Your Own Theme!

Bublr Bikes Weekender Pass (regularly $25) includes unlimited 120-minute rides over any 3 consecutive days.

“$15 Off Promo Codes”: 20 codes for $50

($300 Value for just $2.50 per code)

Earn free codes for each rider that tags us in a selfie with their Bublr. Ask for details. #Bublr #LoveMKE


Add a Bublr Group Reservation to your event to guarantee bike availability specific to your event date/time.
Reservation fee:
10 bikes = $20; 20 bikes = $40

Transport Fee:  End at a different Bublr station than you started.
10 bikes = $20; 20 bikes = $40

(Note: each rider will need their own Bublr pass/ membership to check out a bike.)

Email to discusss your group ride!