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Bublr Group Rides

Have a group that wants to explore the Greater Milwaukee Area and see everything this region has to offer?  Sign up for  Bublr Bikes Group Ride!  Skip checking out and worrying if enough bikes will be available for your group, Bublr Bikes will deliver bikes directly to you and pick them up when you are done! 

Have a smaller group and just want to make sure there are enough bikes available for you to ride?  Reserve A Bike today!  You can reserve up to 80% of a stations capacity.  Bublr will guarantee there are bikes available for your group!

Bublr Bikes Group Ride

$40 per Bike / $60 per Bike (ebikes)
includes Drop off, Pick Up, and ride fees
Riders will need to sign a waiver before riding

Reserve a Bike

$5 per Bike / $7 per Bike (ebikes)
Up to 80% of a given stations capacity. 
Riders will need to purchase their own pass to unlock a bike