In a short period of time since Bublr Bikes has been around, we have met many outstanding individuals who have shared with us their love for Bublr. Bublr for many has become more than just a fun recreative activity. Milwaukeeans are going to work and school, improving their health and becoming more independent by utilizing bike share.

We are celebrating our riders through a new campaign: “Portraits of Bublr; Stories Told on Two Wheels.” Through interviews and photo documentation, discover the people who embody the true spirit of Bublr Bikes.

Karen Diaz
We first met Karen Diaz this spring but her love for Bublr has had her riding long before our first meet. Being an International Studies major at UW-Milwaukee along with living in the Milwaukee area she has used Bublr Bikes to facilitate her commutes.

Karen has lived on the east side of Milwaukee along with Walkers Point which has put Bublr Bikes at her feet. After meeting with Karen at the 88nine Stone Creek she explained how the Bublr station’s influence her commutes from 5-minute rides to 15-minutes. Her joy for riding has overlapped as she has become a familiar face at Bublr HQ and gone even further having volunteered and supported Bublr at some of our events this summer. Thanks for all your support Karen!

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Photo By: Karen Diaz

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