We’re involved in the Newman’s Own Foundation $500k Holiday Challenge, a friendly fundraising competition raising money to support more Bublr Bikeshare stations in Milwaukee neighborhoods! 


Now in its fourth year of operation, Bublr Bikes is a nonprofit bike share with over 70 stations and 750 bikes in the Greater Milwaukee Area. It is the mission of Bublr Bikes to create a sustainable, excellent bike share for all.

Bublr Bikes is constantly looking to expand in efforts to connect and mobilize the community through offering bike share as an affordable, reliable resource. To do so, Bublr Bikes is out in the community, engaging individuals and gaining an understanding of personal and communal barriers to bike share in order to break them down. In addition Bublr Bikes has partnered with various other organizations in the area to work together to improve safety, health, and mobility within historically underserved neighborhoods. Through one such partnership, Boys and Girls Club, DreamBikes, and Bublr Bikes have created the B3 Mechanic Certification Program, a six-month program for high school students aged 14 to 18 that offers certification in bicycle and bike share maintenance and possible permanent employment. We’re super excited to let you know that we’re part of an amazing campaign called the Newman’s Own Foundation $500k Holiday Challenge, a friendly fundraising competition where organizations compete to raise the most money for their cause throughout the holiday season.

We’re looking for our supporters to give as much as they can so we can win the grand prize of $150,000. And to help, each week there are Bonus Challenges which are opportunities to raise even more money and win extra cash for our cause.

To help, please Click Here

Thank you so much and we really appreciate all of your help

-Team Bublr Bikes

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