MCTS and Bublr have a great partnership! MCTS announces Bublr stations on their their bus routes and MCTS and Bublr have engaged in creative co-branding opportunities.

Building on this great partnership, MCTS and Bublr now bring you the Buslr. The Buslr is an RFID sticker designed to go right onto the M-Card you already have! This will allow you to seamlessly move from Bublr to Bus and Bus back to Bublr. It’s a great way to get all over Milwaukee County, whether you’re going to work, or school, or meeting up with friends.

To get your very own Buslr click here and select ‘Buslr’ for a limited time get $20 off with the promotional code: Buslr19

Get your M-Card at one of more than 90 locations located throughout Milwaukee County.

Visit MCTS here:

Posted by James Davies