Bublr Bike wheels keep rolling because of people power.

Get involved through various volunteer opportunities. PLUS you can earn a whole year of Bublr when you help us with daily operations like snow removal, station clean up and large events like Summerfest.

Contact Us To Volunteer


One of the best ways to encourage health and wellness in your community is through biking. Invite Bublr Bikes to an event that you frequent and or host. We can provide the following services.

Bublr Education

We conduct instructional Bublr Bikes classes. Learn about bike-share, how to use Bublr Bikes and safe riding tips. This class is complimentary.

Group Rides

Are you part of a team or community group? Try Bublr Bikes together!


When you host a large event near a Bublr Bikes station we provide extra support to make sure stations are available for all Bublr Bike riders.

Virtual Stations

Providing bike check-ins and check-outs where there are no station for special events.

To invite us to your event contact us.