Bob and Barb Monnat have generously pledged to match 25K in donations to help Bublr add e-bikes to the system. Adding e-bikes to the Bublr system will increase bicycle usage and make the Bublr bikeshare system more accessible to differently-abled people and older adults.

People bike more when they have access to e-bikes. A study in Norway found that when people were given e-bikes their cycling trips increased from an average of 0.9 trips per day to 1.4 trips per day, the distance traveled nearly doubled, and the percentage of all trips completed using bicycles increased from only 28% to 48%. Closer to home, when Madison BCycle shifted its bikeshare fleet over to e-bikes they saw a 166% increase in trips taken. Similarly, Cincinnati B-Cycle saw a 45.6% increase in bike rides, with a 29.1% increase in unique users, and a 29.7% increase in trip length. People with access to e-bikes are also more likely to use those e-bikes to commute to work because of the lower effort required and the ability to keep up with city traffic. Hartland B-Cycle also saw a 135.6% increase in ridership after adding e-bikes to their fleet. Some of these increases in usage and unique riders is almost certainly because more people are using the bikes to commute. A study in Seattle found that by pairing e-bikes with transit, gave people access to 35% more jobs without lengthening commute times. Considering that 18.7% of households in Milwaukee are zero-car households, and 80% of Bublr stations are already co-located with transit stops, adding e-bikes could significantly expand access to jobs in Milwaukee. Adding e-bikes to the Bublr fleet will increase bicycling in Milwaukee and increase usage of the Bublr system.

Please donate today and help Bublr go Electric!

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Posted by Kristi Secord