Bublr would like to remind you that the City of Milwaukee’s Order #1 COVID-19 Public Health Plan for the City of Milwaukee remains in effect. Under Milwaukee’s order, Bublr can continue operations as an essential transportation service.

Bublr believes it is important to stay open during this time for two reasons:

  1. Bublr remains a safer transportation option for essential travel than other modes of transportation such as bus travel, streetcar travel, or rideshare / taxi travel.
  2. Riding a bike is a good way to engage in outdoor activity to reduce stress, improve mental health, and boost the immune system – all while complying with physical distancing requirements.

Although the risk of COVID-19 transmission associated with bikeshare is extremely low, and new CDC guidance suggests that transmission through any surface is extremely unlikely (see the following articles by the New York Times and Fox News). Bublr still encourages all riders to follow safe riding practices, specifically:

  • Only use Bublr for trips allowed under the Safer at Home Order, such as going to work for essential businesses, grocery shopping, getting medical supplies, or outdoor recreation that complies with physical distancing requirements.
  • Use the Bublr App to avoid touching any more surfaces than necessary
  • Avoid touching you face while riding.
  • Wash their hands as soon as you arrive at your destination.

The latest evidence also suggests that outdoor recreation is “likely a low-risk” activity. For more information, check out this Vox article.

Bublr staff are still engaged in additional cleaning procedures of the touch points on the bikes and kiosks.


James Davies
Executive Director

Posted by Andrew Ditto