The time has come again to take part in a friendly Winter Bublr Bikes competition! Do you think you have what it takes to be a Bublr Winter Bike champion? In the spirit of embracing the cold as a true Wisconsinite register to participate in the 2018 Bublr Winter Bike Challenge!

We know you’re probably wondering, “Why in H-E double hockey sticks is Bublr doing this?”

Because we believe that biking doesn’t have to be a one-season activity! In fact, Bublr Bikes stays open all year because we’re committed  to being a sustainable and convenient world-class transportation service in a world-class city like Milwaukee! We encourage residents to try biking all year round, to stay healthy, save money, and support sustainable transportation! Also, we know how much Milwukeeans like to win stuff!

Now that you’re sold on participating in the 2018 Bublr Winter Bike Challenge let’s find out what you can WIN!

How Does it Work?

The Bublr Winter Bike Challenge runs from February 1st-28th 2018. Participants are challenged to a series of Bublr Biking feats in strategy and endurance throughout the month of February for a chance to win awesome prizes from Bicycle Benefits, Bublr Bikes, Nutcase Helmets an honorary medal of achievement, and of course bragging rights!

The prizes are as follows: In all categories the top three riders will receive 1 FREE YEAR OF BUBLR, 1 FREE Bicycle Benefits pass, a NEW Nutcase bicycle helmet, and an honorary BWBO medal of achievement! The rider who takes the most trips throughout the month of February will receive a very special bonus prize! (announcement coming soon!)

Official BWBO Trip Categories

1.Ride the most one way trips lasting longer than five minutes
2.Check out a bike from the most stations
3.Take the most trips commuting between Milwaukee, Shorewood, West Allis and Wauwatosa (you must commute to and from at least three different municipalities)

Bonus!  We will award an amazing human for overall trips taken 5 minutes or more

-You must be an active Bublr Bikes pass holder sign up here!
-You must also separately REGISTER for the Bublr Winter Bike Challenge (DEADLINE TO REGISTER: January 31st 11:59PM)
-You must be 14 years of age or older
-A “ride” for the purposes of the BWBO, is defined as a trip on a Bublr Bike lasting FIVE minutes or longer

*Every participant will be tracked daily through our operating system in order to ensure that the challenge is fair.**

In addition, we are searching for BWBO Challenge Ambassadors! These are individuals that help keep the challenge alive by snapping photos of their journey on Bublr Bikes throughout the month of February. Simply post a pic on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @bublrbikes with the hashtag #BWBO18

We recommend checking out the handy BCycle App.  You may purchase any one of three Bublr Bikes pass types, locate stations and bikes, track your trips, and best of all CHECK OUT A BUBLR BIKE!

Thank you again for your interest in the 2018 Bublr Winter Bike Challenge!

As some you know Bublr Bikes is a nonprofit, and it would not exist without the support of Milwaukeeans and visitors!  This is your bikeshare, now go out there and KICK SOME ICE!!



Team Bublr Bikes

Posted by Team Bublr Bikes
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