Bublr Bikes Adaptive Cycles

Bublr Bikes is happy to introduce a new fleet of adaptive cycles to our system. This fleet is a first in country integrated adaptive bike program. The new trikes, side by sides, and hand cycles will be able to be checked into to and out of any and all Bublr Bike Stations in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Bublr is adding 9 Side-by-Side tricycles, 9 upright tricycles and 4 hand cycles. (Pictured Below)


This pilot program runs through the end of 2019. The side-by-side tricycles, upright tricycles and hand cycles that use arm power, will be at various Bublr locations around Milwaukee. The adaptive bikes can be rented for the same price as traditional two-wheelers and they’ll also be available to Bublr Bikes members.



Click here to load this Caspio Cloud Database


*This is a Pilot Program and therefore, there will be a few bugs and kinks to work out.

We are currently working with BCycle to find a way to show where the adaptive bikes are on the system map on our website and BCycle App. Until we find a way to implement the locations on the map please use the above table to find the type of bike you want to check out and the station it is located, or call our service line at 414-931-1121.


Bublr Bike’s adaptive cycles were funded by the City of Milwaukee, City of Wauwatosa and Bublr Bikes

If you have any additional inquiries, please contact us at info@bublrbikes.com.