Bublr Bikes Adaptive Cycles

In 2019 Bublr launched a pilot adaptive bike program with support from the City of Milwaukee, the City of Wauwatosa, The Ability Center, and the Anthem Foundation. This program integrates upright tricycles, hand-cycles, and side-by-side tricycles into the Bublr system to ensure that people with different abilities can still access the Bublr System. Since launch, people have taken more than 600 trips on the adaptive bicycles.

Bublr received funding in 2022 from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the Astor Street Foundation to repair existing adaptive bicycles and add more to the fleet.


An upright tricycle and a side-by-side tandem tricycle

*This program is still growing and changing please be patient with us.


Bublr Bike’s adaptive cycles were funded by the City of Milwaukee, City of Wauwatosa, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Astor Street Foundation, and Bublr Bikes

If you have any additional inquiries, please contact us at info@bublrbikes.com.