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Portraits of Bublr: Steve Austin


In a short period of time since Bublr Bikes has been around, we have met many outstanding individuals who have shared with us their love for Bublr. Bublr for many has become more than just a fun recreative activity. Milwaukeeans are going to work and school, improving their health and becoming more independent by utilizing bike share.

We are celebrating our riders through a new campaign: “Portraits of Bublr; Stories Told on Two Wheels.” Through interviews and photo documentation, discover the people who embody the true spirit of Bublr Bikes.    


We were introduced to U.S. Army Veteran Steven Austin back in September of 2016. We visited his apartment complex just off of Brady street where we spoke to residents about a grant-funded program through the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee. The program offers low-cost annual memberships to all those living in public housing throughout Milwaukee.

Listen to the full interview HERE

Since late September, Steven has taken nearly 200 on Bublr Bikes. He says it keeps his BMI levels low and he enjoys riding around Milwaukee in the morning when the streets are quiet. Steven also attends school and takes many buses daily. By checking out a Bublr he has been able to move around much quicker.


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Briefly, describe who you are/ your neighborhood/ interest or occupation/your favorite thing about MKE/Why do you ride Bublr Bikes/How has Bublr Bikes impacted you or your community/ A favorite memory on Bublr/Do you have any tips for new riders?