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Portraits of Bublr: Pete Jurgeleit



In a short period of time since Bublr Bikes has been around, we have met many outstanding individuals who have shared with us their love for Bublr. Bublr for many has become more than just a fun recreative activity. Milwaukeeans are going to work and school, improving their health and becoming more independent by utilizing bike share.

We are celebrating our riders through a new campaign: “Portraits of Bublr; Stories Told on Two Wheels.” Through interviews and photo documentation, discover the people who embody the true spirit of Bublr Bikes.    


Pete Jurgeleit

Pete Jurgeleit is one of those guys that you pass downtown and assume he is just another downtown business guy that pays for parking. What you may not know is that he commutes daily on a bright blue friendly two-wheeler we fondly know as a Bublr Bike.

We are focused on people like Pete because he is part of a growing population, aside from recreation, that uses Bublr to commute.  Now more than ever a “joy ride,” to a Milwaukeean is getting to work, going to school, and catching the next bus.

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