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Portraits of Bublr: Emily Graham

In a short period of time since Bublr Bikes has been around, we have met many outstanding individuals who have shared with us their love for Bublr. Bublr for many has become more than just a fun recreative activity. Milwaukeeans are going to work and school, improving their health and becoming more independent by utilizing bike share.

We are celebrating our riders through a new campaign: “Portraits of Bublr; Stories Told on Two Wheels.” Through interviews and photo documentation, discover the people who embody the true spirit of Bublr Bikes.    


Emily Graham

It’s been said that once you learn to ride a bike, the skill is never forgotten. When Emily Graham was first introduced to Bublr Bikes she enjoyed it as a recreational activity. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, Bublr Bikes became a means of independence for her.

We were put in connection with Emily by Laura Kolp, a recreational therapist at Aurora Sinai Medical Center. Laura and team assisted Emily with her recovery goals by riding on Bublr. I had a chance to sit down with Emily and she graciously shared her story with Bublr Bikes, and you can listen to the full interview below.

Now, with a new Bublr Bikes station sponsored by Aurora at Sinai Medical Center at 12th and Kilbourn, patients and staff alike have better access to Bublr Bikes. We applaud those in the medical community who are taking more holistic approaches to the health and wellness of their patients. For Emily, although her journey on Bublr Bikes may be gradual, the impact is great. She reminds us in conversation that the saying is true, that riding a bike was,“as easy as riding a bike.”


Listen to the full interview 


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