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Badger Trucks Comes Through For Bublr Again and Again!

It’s been a little over a year now since the wonderful people of Badger Truck did the Bublr team the HUGE favor of providing us with a wonderful vehicle for use in our daily operations.  The fantastic Ford Transit van, sporting a full “wrap” of the blue Bublr logo, is as eye-catching to the person on the street as it is useful to our operations team.  It has moved countless bikes to and from stations and our repair shop, as well as people, station equipment, and – during our first fully operational winter – snow removal gear!  We couldn’t be happier with our blue van and we owe Badger Trucks a huge debt of gratitude for their help and generosity.  

Considering that generosity, it came as no surprise that Badger Trucks would once again come to Bublr’s aid in its time of need.  With the busy summer season upon us and the even busier time of Summerfest fast approaching, Bublr was in desperate need of additional vehicular support. As great as the blue Bublr van was, it wasn’t going to be enough to move the volume of bikes necessary during the “Big Gig”.  Once again, Badger offered to help!

And what an offer!  The van they found for us to use during the run of Summerfest  (and some additional days after the fest) was so nice it began to produce “Van Envy” in some of our operations employees.  Features like and extra tall cargo area, (which allowed even our tallest people to stand up easily while inside), to the lower cargo floor deck and sliding side doors ON BOTH SIDES, made accessing stations and loading bikes an absolute breeze.  Add the built in “back-up cam” and suspension driver’s seat and you have a van that we were really tempted not to return.

To the Schlagenhauf Family and all the other fine people at Badger Trucks, the Bublr team says THANK YOU!


And Again!

Because it looks like Badger is going to go above and beyond once more and provide Bublr with its second permanent operations vehicle!  But more on that later….