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wauwatosa bike to work

Who’d Bike-Commute Through Winter’s Worst Weather?

Wauwatosa NOW published an article about people who regularly bike-commute to work. One of the individuals that journalist Rory Linnane spoke with was our very own Executive Director, Kevin Hardman. If you’re looking to commute by bike year-round, here’s Kevin’s best insight:

Over his regular office attire, Hardman pulls on an extra layer of socks, heavy boots, a waterproof jacket, a snowboarding helmet and ski goggles. The blustery journey ahead of him is familiar to several Wauwatosans who are committed to choosing bicycles over vehicles for their commutes even through subzero temperatures.

“There’s a Scandinavian expression, which I’ll paraphrase: ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing or equipment,'” Hardman said. “People are often amazed to hear that somebody would ride their bike in temperatures like this, but I’ve found you just get the right equipment and you can ride very comfortably.”

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[Photo By C.T. Kruger.]