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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Bublr Shows Great Promise

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial team had great things to say about Bublr Bikes today, stating that bikeshare holds great promise for residents and visitors alike!

We’d like to give them a special “THANK YOU!” for giving us the thumbs up as we finish installing our first 10 stations this week.

We truly believe Milwaukee is the perfect city for bikeshare, and it’s clear we’re not the only ones! The support we’ve received from the community has been astounding. We’re more excited than ever to see what the future holds. Thanks to all who have so willingly hopped on the bikeshare train, rooting us on!

Here’s a snippet of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s kind words:

“The program taps into the rise in popularity of bicycling in recent years and offers another transportation option for seeing the city and running errands…Go ahead, take one out. It’s a great way to get around — and will only get better as the system expands.”

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