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MCTS Bublr Partnership

Combining MCTS and Bublr is an easy, safe and earth-friendly way to get round and explore Milwaukee and the surrounding communities.

Now the Buslr Card makes it even easier! The Buslr Card is an RFID in sticker form specifically designed to go on the back of the M-Card. The Buslr, gives you unlimited 60 minute trips for 365 days. Over 80% of Bublr Stations are co-located with MCTS stops and Bublr stations are even announced on the bus!

Pick up a Buslr here and use promo code Buslr17 to get $20.00 off!

If you have questions about using Bublr and MCTS together please call Bublr at 414-931-1121 or visit the MCTS website here.