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Use Your Bublr Pass in 30+ New Places

Have an Annual Pass with Bublr Bikes? You’re in luck! That pass unlocks bikes at select bike share systems across the great United States. You get to explore a brand-new city on two wheels – and it’s absolutely FREE!

Traveling to MKE? Hey there! If you have an Annual Pass for any bike share system listed below, the reciprocity perk applies to you, too. Read on!

How It Works

  1. Bring your Bublr Pass AND the credit/debit card linked to your Bublr account wherever you travel.
  2. Head over to a bike share kiosk in your new city. Select “No” on the screen when asked if you’d like to purchase 24-hour access. Follow the screen prompts. Be sure to swipe only the credit card linked to your Bublr Pass!
  3. Check out a bike, and you’re ready to pedal.
  4. All future checkouts can be done with your Bublr Pass at the dock. So easy!

Places You Can Pedal

For a full completely up-to-date list of cities with reciprocity, click here.

A Couple Notes…

  • If you check out a bike away from Milwaukee, that city’s bike share rules and usage fees apply to you.
  • The customer service people at the bike share in your destination city will be happy to help you out if there’s a problem.
  • Resist the temptation to bring another city’s bike back to Milwaukee.