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Who Wins?

Milwaukee Bike Share Community

Think only “bikers” use Bublr Bikes? Not the case! The majority of our members are traveling through Milwaukee on two wheels for the first time. Bublr Bikes eliminates barriers that prevent people from biking in the city by providing well-maintained bicycles and theft-proof bicycle stations.

So who wins with Bublr Bikes? Just about everyone.


Convenient Transportation

Bublr Bikes is a simple, inexpensive transportation option that helps you go from Point A to Point B.

Easy on the wallet...

Think about how often you hop in the car for a two-mile trip. Join Bublr Bikes, and find yourself driving less often. For members of Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC, that translates to a savings of $800 on travel costs over a single year!

…and the waistline.

In Colorado, 24% of Denver B-cycle members report losing weight since joining the bike share. Pedal a couple miles every week and you might discover that your pants fit more comfortably, too.

Local Business

Busy Shops & Restaurants

A network of Bublr Bikes stations surrounding your business will multiply the number of people likely to “stop and shop.”

Increased Revenue

In Minneapolis, bike share users spend more at restaurants and other establishments near bike share stations. As the footprint of Bublr Bikes expands, consumers will follow.


Increased Interest in Local Activities

Our city has become more vibrant with the addition of Bublr Bikes. By encouraging people to take trips they may not have otherwise taken, Bublr Bikes helps people connect with businesses, events, and all that our great city has to offer.

Engaged Population

A network of Bublr Bikes stations woven into the fabric of our community encourages a new relationship between people and city. All of Milwaukee is a quick ride away.