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Biking in the Third Ward

Ready to Ride?

It’s easy to hop on a Bublr Bike! Here’s what to do:


1. Use your credit card to buy a Single Ride at a Bublr Station* OR buy a Bublr Pass here.
2. Ride!
3. Return your Bublr Bike to any Bublr Station.
4. Repeat!

*Up to four Bublr Bikes may be checked out per credit card. Riders must be at least 14 years of age.

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How Was Your Ride?

Drop us a note to let us know what you think! Why? Because Bublr Bikes will evolve based on your feedback. With the help of your ideas, Bublr Bikes can pick up speed. (See what we did there?)

One More Thing

With an Annual Pass, you have access to Bublr Bikes – and a whole bunch of other bike shares, too! The process of checking out a bike is pretty similar in most other cities, but it’s always good to research before you go. See where else your Bublr Pass works.