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Walker Square Farmer’s Market

Bublr took part in the Walker Square Farmer’s Market this past Sunday. From local fresh fruits and vegetables, to local musicians, it was nothing shy of a good way to spend a Sunday. We brought out a new Bublr Bike to show riders along with sharing information with folks about Bublr and our hopes to call Walker Square home soon.


It is important to Bublr that we create these relationships and support the community. We have been in conversation with the Walker Square Neighborhood Association and Ald. Perez to discuss Bublr Bikes expansion into the neighborhood.

Without the support of riders in the community, Bublr wouldn’t be around. Milwaukee is about supporting each other and we appreciate all the community ties we have established since our beginning.

Proposed stations in Walker’s Point:

  1. Walker Square Park*
  2. Cesar Chavez Drive*

*Proposed for spring 2016 installation