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Bublr Takes on UPAF’s Ride for the Arts

For those who didn’t have their own bike to ride during the United Performing Arts Fund‘s annual bike ride – the Ride for the Arts, Bublr was there to help. Leading up to the event, 13 people reserved a bike. Although the Bublrs were outnumbered, their bright blue stood out in the crowd of 5,400.


One of the Bublr riders was jumping on a plane to start her vacation and simply did not have enough time to bring a bike to ride and get on her flight on time. The Bublr solved her conundrum.


A group of three ladies were great cheerleaders for their team, First Stage, as well as cheerleaders for Bublr. They were as excited as we were that a Miller Park sausage took a ride on a Bublr.


Another group was riding as a family. Christine Culver of UPAF rode with her mom Sue and dad Curt, former CEO of MGIC.


Three riders from the Rockwell team signed up to ride and two Bublr Bikes made the journey over the Hoan Bridge.

Thanks participants for riding a Bublr and helping support the arts in Milwaukee!