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Get Ready To Ride This Winter, Milwaukee!

Bublr Bikes are ready to face the elements and will be available to ride all winter long!

Our bikes are Milwaukee tough so they’ll be able to stand up to cold weather. The Bublrs are checked regularly by our bike mechanics and can easily handle the salt and slush.

The weather changes quickly here in Milwaukee, so be sure you have a transportation back-up plan. If the weather isn’t good for biking, we’d recommend walking, taking a bus, renting a Zipcar, or using Uber or Lyft.

Bublr Stations will shut down in the event of severe weather conditions. In those cases, we’ll notify you through a banner on, social media, and the BCycle Now app. We’ll also send Bublr Pass holders a heads up via email.

A total of 26 Bublr Stations will be open throughout the winter months. (The 411 East Wisconsin and Cathedral Square stations have been removed for winter – but don’t worry, they’ll re-open in early spring!)

For our best tips on riding during winter, check out our winter riding tips.

To accommodate this change, we are asking Bublr riders to read our updated End User License Agreement.

Team Bublr looks forward to continuing to serve Milwaukee throughout winter. Happy riding and Bublr On!