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Why Close for Winter?

If you’ve been wondering why Bublr Bikes chooses to close for the winter, here’s a couple reasons:

  1. Snow! In order to make way for snowplows to clear the street & sidewalk, Bublr has to remove some of our stations.
  2. Cold temperatures. Many folks are less likely to brave the elements on a cold and snowy day, which translates to fewer riders using Bublr Bikes. Instead, many people prefer to take Lyft/Uber, use a personal car, or simply stay in.
  3. Operational costs. A nasty combination of snow, salt, and sand puts an extra burden on our system at a time when only a few people ride. That combination can result in a sharp increase in maintenance costs–yikes!

Because 2014 is our first year in operation, closing the Bublr Stations for winter is ‘playing it safe.’ As soon as wider adoption and increased acceptance of winter bicycling allows, we’d love to keep at least a limited network open year round! Let us know your thoughts about cold weather Bublr rides on Facebook or Twitter.