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Thank You Wheel & Sprocket, Our First Basket Sponsor

We’re super-excited to announce our “Sponsor a Bublr” program. Want to associate your brand, your company, or your name with a fun, healthy, and sustainable way to move around town? Want to support the continued growth of Milwaukee’s non-profit bike share system?

Both corporations and individuals can sponsor a Bublr Bike. You’ll get your name or brand prominently displayed on the front baskets of a Bublr Bike. See here for all the details on this new program.

So who stepped up first? Well, of course it was our great friends at Wheel & Sprocket! We love the Wheel team. They are not only great supporters of Bublr Bikes, they are also tireless advocates for improving bicycling in Milwaukee, in our State of Wisconsin, and across the country. They’re also just great folks to be around.

Bublr Bikes would have been hard-pressed to launch in August 2014 without Wheel & Sprocket. They built up the first 50 Bublr Bikes. They have continued to promote Bublr’s growth. Most importantly, the Wheel & Sprocket team connected us to James Davies, who is Bublr’s Operations Director extraordinaire!

Thanks for stepping up first Wheel & Sprocket. We will definitely Enjoy the Ride!


Wheel & Sprocket President Chris Kegel and Bublr Bikes Executive Director Kevin Hardman

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The Wheel & Sprocket Team

A big thanks to Julian Kegel with Keen-Eye Photographs and Mark Hungsberg with Savage Solutions for snapping these great photos. Look closely and you’ll see a certain bicycle-friendly alderman who happened to be riding by.