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Super Bowl 2015 is Here

If you haven’t heard: our Green Bay Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks in a heartbreaking playoff appearance. When Bublr Bikes was feeling more confident about the Packers, we made a friendly wager with Seattle’s Pronto Cycle Share: the losing team would wear the winning team’s jersey for a bike ride around town…with photos. Of course, Bublr Bikes held up our end of the bargain.

Here’s our Executive Director, Kevin Hardman, in a Seahawks jersey:


As you’d expect, Pronto Cycle Share now has a bet with Hubway, Boston’s bikeshare program, on the outcome of the Super Bowl. While we’re not sure whether to root for the Patriots or the Seahawks, they’re doing one thing that Bublr can get behind.

Pronto and Hubway have encouraged fans to ride to Super Bowl get-togethers. While our Bublr Stations won’t return until March 16, we’d like to see you to dust off the ol’ ten-speed in your garage and pedal to your neighbor’s house for that Super Bowl party.

(If you need a way to carry your beer, try Fyxation’s Six Pack Caddy.)

Have a safe Super Bowl weekend!