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Mark, Don and I working on the dissembling the station

Our First Station Hibernates

We knew the day would come. Bublr Bikes is beginning to shut down for the winter.

Though Bublr Bikes won’t fully shut down until December 1st we’ve already removed the Cathedral Square Station. This station occupied a prominent spot right on the street. Since snow has already begun to fall we felt it was important to remove the station before it had an unfriendly encounter with a car, truck or snow plow.  For those who regularly rely on the Cathedral Square Station the two closest Stations are at Red Arrow Park, two blocks to the west and 411 East Wisconsin, three blocks to the south.

This was an important milestone for Team Bublr: our first-ever shutdown and removal of a station. The 22 degrees, and a station covered with snow and ice didn’t make for the most friendly conditions.  Still, everything went smoothly thanks to technical help from Mark Kelven, from our system provider B-Cycle.  Team Bublr’s Don Janczak, our station rebalancer,  and I pitched in on the heavy lifting.

Last, but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to John Gunau and the  Schlitz Park Team for giving us a safe place to store the station during these winter months.

I hope to see you all out Bublr’n around town until the 1st of December!