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Less $$. More Bublr.

If you want to ride Bublr Bikes on March 16, hold up for a second. Bublr has new-and-improved prices!

Team Bublr spent our “offseason” looking at the way you used Bublr Bikes in 2014 – and we restructured our pricing to make things simpler for ya.

What’s Different?

The Single Ride

In 2014, most users of our “24-Hour Pass” spent $7 and only rode once or twice. To help you save a couple bucks, we’re saying GOODBYE to the 24-Hour Pass and HELLO to the “Single Ride.” A Single Ride is $3 for one ride, up to 30 minutes. (If you’d like to pedal longer than 30 minutes, it’s just $3 for each subsequent half hour.)

To buy a Single Ride, head over to any Bublr Station!

The Bublr Pass

If you’re a regular Bublr-er, our Bublr Pass is now only $15/month! That’s $5 less than last year’s $20/month Bublr Pass, and it’s more reasonably-priced to ride Bublr Bikes for two or three months vs. having to purchase an year-long pass. BONUS: Bublr Pass = access to unlimited 60-minute rides!