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MCTS + Bublr = Get There

After we announced our “Sponsor a Bublr” program last month. The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) was quick to step up and sponsor the first 25 baskets on Bublr’s new 2.0 bikes. MCTS has also started announcing Bublr stations on applicable routes, making it easier for everyone to get around Milwaukee. MCTS will be tracking the carbon offset by their sponsored bikes just like they do for their bus fleet, and they are excited for Bublr’s continued growth as a complimentary and eco-friendly travel option for all Milwaukeeans.

Many folks, including the County Executive, are excited by the new and enhanced travel options emerging in Milwaukee County. “After years of neglect and budget cuts, public transportation is on the rebound across our community,” said County Executive Chris Abele. “At Milwaukee County we’re adding routes, holding fares flat and looking to the future with a 9-mile Bus Rapid Transit program. This partnership between MCTS and Bublr Bikes is another way of improving transportation options. Hop on a bus, a bike or use both to get to work, school or simply to explore our parks, trails and everything we offer.”

Bublr and MCTS are both excited for future collaborations and increasing integration between all the various travel options available across Milwaukee County.