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How Does Bublr Weather the Winter?

As the temperature in Milwaukee hovers around 2°F, it’s time for Team Bublr to answer your questions about how our Bublr Bikes and Stations handle the snow and cold from November to March!

What’s up with the plastic wrap on Bublr Stations?

“The theory behind the plastic wrap is that it protects the dock clamp and the touch sensor, where people interact with the dock,” said James Davies, our Operations Director. “Some of the clamps are literally packed with snow, and having all that melt into the enclosure would be a less than ideal situation.”

The wind coming off Lake Michigan has tested the durability of the plastic, which means a handful of stations needed a “re-wrap and a tape job.”

What kind of work needs to be un-done before Bublr Bikes return to Bublr Stations on March 16?

“When we shut down for the winter, we did go around to all of the stations and pulled out the touch screen, credit card reader, and the mini-computer,” said James. “We replaced the important stuff with metal plates that have weather stripping. Before we bring the bikes back, we’ll have to re-install those electronic components.”

Jordan Missiaen of Third Coast Bike Works made most of the gray metal plates Team Bublr used to seal up the stations. (He also built the cool bike stand in our workshop.) Thanks, Jordan!

What about the Bublr Bikes?

The Bublr Bikes are safe and warm in storage, courtesy of Mandel Group. However, 8-10 bikes live in our workshop at any given time. That’s where, Avelino, our tech intern, takes each of the bikes apart, cleans all of the moving parts, and makes minor repairs.

If you have more questions about Bublr Bikes, find us on Twitter or Facebook. We’re happy to chat!