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Hey! The Annual Pass is Here!

We’ve had many Bublr enthusiasts ask about when we’d have an Annual Pass. In fact, you’ve been talking about an Annual Pass since we launched in August of 2014. Well – it’s here!

The Annual Pass helps make Bublr Bikes easy and budget-friendly. We want our Bublr riders to go out and show MKE what bikeshare can be! PS. If you Bublr 3 or more times a month, the Annual Pass makes sense for you.

There are a hundred great reasons to put a Bublr Pass in your pocket. We could share them all, but here are 3 to get you started:

  1. If you work in/near our network, Bublr makes it super-easy to run errands.
  2. A mid-day Bublr ride can boost your productivity.
  3. Using Bublr is WAY easier than dealing with the parking situation.

I want the Annual Pass

Already Have a 30-Day Pass? It’s Easy to Upgrade!

It’s a snap to upgrade! Doesn’t matter whether your 30-Day pass is current or expired. Just log into your Bublr account here. Click on the gray “Renew” button in the top-right corner. Select “Annual Pass.” Your new Annual Pass will start as soon as your current 30-Day Pass is done.

Upgrade to the Annual Pass