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Gifting a Bublr Pass

Looking for a creative, practical gift for your friend, family member or significant other? A Bublr Pass is your answer!

You can purchase a 30-Day Bublr Pass for only $15 or choose to give multiple months (two for $30, three for $45, etc.).

All you have to do is donate and send us an email at with your loved one’s email address and we will take care of the rest.

The way it works:

  • You donate to Bublr Bikes via PayPal in any $15 increment
  • You email the giftee’s email address to
  • We verify your payment has gone through and send your giftee an email with a discount code that will discount their pass to $0. The email explains the process and tells the gift recipient that their credit card information is necessary to access the system, but ensures they will not be charged for the pass nor will they be charged for rides under 60 minutes. (The Bublr Pass is good for UNLIMITED 60-minute rides).
  • For multiple month passes, we will extend the pass for the allotted time period.

The pass is not activated until the first time it is used at any Bublr station so there is no concern with giving a gift pass that may not be activated right away.