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Meet Avelino, Our Technician/Intern!

Bublr Bikes has many corporate Sponsors who help keep our wheels turning. (Thank you!) Plus, we’re lucky enough to have a couple great individuals standing behind us. One of those people is John Fleckenstein, a guy who’s a strong supporter of Milwaukee Working, Community Warehouse, the Wisconsin Bike Fed and of course, Bublr Bikes. John is supporting our brand-new internship program, which enables us to hire young people to work on our bikes.

Avelino, a student at Bradley Tech High School, is our new technician/intern! In our workshop, he takes every Bublr Bike apart, cleans the components and performs necessary repairs, and then completes a comprehensive safety check.

Avelino at Work!

Avelino at Work!

“I really like working with bikes,” he said. “It’s a pleasure to work here, and mainly, right now, we’re taking apart all the bikes. I started actually professionally fixing bikes, and working on them, last year. I went through the Boys & Girls Club bike shop program.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee teaches teenagers how to fix and maintain bicycles through a class, which is followed by hands-on work at Dream Bikes. “In the Boys & Girls Clubs bike shop garage, they have a bunch of tools,” Avelino said. “People came in with bikes that need to be repaired and we just fixed them right there!”

Avelino currently has about eight of our bikes in the Bublr workshop, and he’ll disassemble about three during the course of his “workday”–one or two hours after school.

“Bublr Bikes are challenging because the bike type is completely different,” he said. “These are meant so nobody steals them, they’re really durable. They have a lot of extra parts, extra screws. I’m learning how to rebuild a whole different type of bike.”

“They’re difficult bikes to work on, because they’re tamper-resistant,” said James Davies, our Operations Director. “There are special tools, and you need to take apart everything to get anything.”

Avelino is learning quickly, and he has just 34 bikes left to go before the Bublr Bikes season opens on March 16.

He currently plans to attend UW – Parkside in Fall of 2016, and hopes to be a software engineer or a hardware engineer. He added, “I’d like to open up a bike shop one day!”