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A Bike Guy’s Perspective on Bublr Bikes

Jordan Missiaen is the human in charge of Third Coast Bike Works, a shop that builds custom cargo bicycles and bicycle racks. He’s also a mechanic at Coast In Bikes AND a pal of Bublr Bikes. [Jordan made a work stand for our shop and metal plates to help protect Bublr Stations against cold/snow!]

Bublr thought he’d be the perfect guy to share a couple thoughts on how Bublr Bikes can help Milwaukee pedal forward.

“As a bike owner, I think it’s a good idea to have different types of transportation available,” he said. “I see value in Bublr Bikes, and I support what Bublr is trying to do. I think Milwaukee needs some help in public transportation, and this is a good addition to what we’ve done in the past.”

Sounds good! But what’s holding people back?

“It seems that people seem stop riding a bike when they get a driver’s license,” Jordan said. “People think, ‘bikes are for kids, bikes are fun.’”

In fact, many adults tend to see bikes as toys, rather than a legitimate mode of transportation. But spending more time on two wheels can be great for the 16+ crowd, too.

“You have an awesome mode of transportation,” Jordan said. “It’s really inexpensive, it’s cheap. You don’t have to maintain the bikes. They’re way easier than cars, and you don’t need insurance, which is really cool.”

“Bublr takes away the inconvenience factor,” he added.

Jordan pointed out that there’s a stereotype of this ‘biker guy,’ outfitted in expensive gear and wearing nothing but spandex. In reality, he said, “most people are not in spandex, they’re not Lance Armstrong.”

“I just want people to realize that bikes can be a normal part of your life. You don’t have to get all this fancy gear. Just get out there and ride a bike.”

 Couldn’t agree more, Jordan!