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4 Reasons to Buy a Bublr Pass

If you spend any part of your day in downtown Milwaukee or on Brady Street, you’ve certainly passed by our Bublr Stations, and perhaps you’ve even seen people pedaling around on Bublr Bikes. It’s time to take the leap from casual observer to active Bublr-er. Here’s a couple reasons to help you be bold and Bublr:

  1. Speed. If you’re headed to a lunch (or anything) that’s too far for a quick walk, but too close to be worth the unpark-drive-park-unpark-drive-repark routine, Bublr Bikes is your best choice.
  2. Free Parking! Bublr Stations are like a reserved parking spot – at the front door. There’s no need to circle the block repeatedly, plug a parking meter, or pay for structure parking.
  3. Convenience. With a Bublr Pass on your keys, you simply swipe to unlock a Bublr Bike and away you go!
  4. Joy. If you pedal from Point A to Point B, you’re more likely to enjoy you’re trip than if you were in a car. Ride Bublr Bikes, and you’ll be happy. It’s science!

Bonus: a Bublr Pass can be yours for only $15/month!

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