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Winter Time is Bublr Time

If you’re like us, Winter defines your character as a true Wisconsinite. To those who don’t think they can “handle another winter,” make sure to keep your thermal game on point, and never leave home without a hot beverage duct taped to your hand!

Here at Bublr Bikes we have thoughtfully considered the idea of shutting down for the winter, but we want to be a convenient transportation option that is here for you every day. We are committed to tending to a giant that never sleeps!

With a system size of 57 stations (and growing) and nearly 500 bikes, Bublr Bikes is open 24/365 and are only a call/text away if you run into trouble!

This Winter we are proud to report that Milwaukeeans are still riding Bublr Bikes. We encourage you to give it a try even if its just a quick hop out of the office for lunch to get a daily dose of exercise and some oh-so-very-rare sunshine.

Here are some tips to help you stay predictable, visible, and comfortable on Bublr Bikes!

– Layer It: layering clothes is the key to comfort. Start with a base layer that wicks sweat, then a medium-weight layer and finish off with a windproof jacket.

– Protect the Extremities: Your hands, feet and head get colder more quickly than your core so make sure to always wear gloves, thick socks, as well as a hat.

– Tread Lightly: If you encounter snow or ice, don’t panic! Sudden braking or swerving can cause you to slide. Be light on your pedal strokes, delicate on the brakes and ride in a straight line if possible. You can always dismount and walk the bike if a section of road looks too dangerous.

Here is how our bikes are already built to take on even Wisconsin winters while keeping you safe:

– Be Flashy: All Bublr Bikes have a dynamo front hub that powers front and rear lights to make sure you are visible even on the darkest winter night

– Fat Tires: Our Bikes have thick tires year-round, but in winter, that extra thickness adds stability, traction and control on winter surfaces that can be wet, snowy or icy.

– Fender-ize: Bublr Bikes have front and rear fenders as well as splash guards to keep the salty, slushy, grimy muck on the streets, and off of you!