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Our Winter Riding Tips

As the seasons start to change in Milwaukee, Bublr Bikes has a couple winter riding tips to make your cold-weather trips a snap:

  • Layer Up! The 3 most important areas on your body are your hands, head, and feet. Make sure you have a good pair of gloves that keep your fingers warm, but available to use your brakes and handlebars. Keep your feet toasty by wearing good, stable, warm boots or shoes. Cover your head and ears to keep your body heat from escaping. (Keep in mind that it takes your body 5-10 minutes of riding to warm up so if your ride is short, you’ll need more layers.)
  • Set Your Own Limits. Only ride when you feel comfortable riding. If the weather conditions don’t seem to fit your biking experience, that’s okay – walk, call an Uber, or take the bus instead.
  • Have a Back-Up Plan. If Bublr Bikes has to shut down in the middle of the night, or middle of the day, make sure you have a back-up plan to finish your trip. We like to use MCTS, Zipcar, and Uber/Lyft to get around Milwaukee.
  • Make Yourself Visible! During the winter, you can’t always count on the sun to shine and there are more hours of darkness. Wear bright colors or reflective gear to make it easier for others to see you.
  • Watch the Road. Look ahead for ice patches or snow piled up at intersections. Keep riding straight ahead and don’t push your brakes too hard in slick conditions.

If you’re a regular Bublr rider, share your best winter riding tip with us on Facebook or Twitter!