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This is How You Bublr to Summerfest

No parking? No problem. Bublr Bikes is the best way to get to Summerfest!

Here’s what you do:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 3.57.19 PM

1. Plan Your Route.

Use our Bublr Map or B-cycle Now app to find a Bublr Station near you. You can pedal straight to Discovery World OR Jefferson / Menomonee in the Third Ward. (Discovery World is very close to the North Gate; we’ll have helpful Bublr Team members there during Summerfest to dock your Bublr Bike.)

2. Grab a Pass – or Your Wallet.

Whip out that Visa / MasterCard to check out a Bublr for $3 at any Bublr Station. OR: use a Bublr Pass because you’re a boss and you run Milwaukee.

3. Ride Like the Wind!

You’ll be at Summerfest in no time.

So! You no longer have to drive in endless circles to search for a parking spot or sit in the outrageous traffic. It’s super-easy to Bublr out and Uber home, or vice-versa. (You do you!) Oh – and don’t worry about bringing a bike lock, because you’re able to dock-n’-lock at our Bublr Station.

Bublr Bikes is the way to go. See you at the ‘fest!

(Live in the ‘burbs? Our friends at MCTS have your back. Take the bus to Summerfest.)