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The Perfect Rainy Day Bublr Ride

The weather in Milwaukee is wet – not spectacular for Bublr Bikes, some of you may say. But there’s an upside. The weather is also unseasonably warm! It’s absolutely the right time to go for a Bublr ride. To make things easy, Bublr created a quick Bublr route for you to pedal. This is a beginner-level, 20-ish minute ride. Since the weather here has been so rainy, we decided to make our short journey water-themed. Here we go!

Head south on Water St., along the river. [See what we did there? It’s water-themed already, and we’ve barely begun.] Pedal ’til you get to the Water St. Bridge over the Milwaukee River. Look out to your left – there’s a sweet view of the newly-painted Hoan Bridge and Lake Michigan beyond it.

WP_20151223_034Take note – the Water St. Bridge is a bascule bridge. That fact may come up in trivia one day. Okay, keep going forward! Then, turn right onto Pittsburgh Ave. There are bike lanes here; you should use ’em! In one block, you’ll see a great water-themed design on the pavement. You’re now on Freshwater Way! [See what we’re doing here? Water!]

WP_20151223_031Pedal right past the Bublr Station on your right. You’ll pass the Global Water Center, home to the Water Council. Then, the buildings fall away. You’ll be in an open green space [or brown space, depending on the weather] and should see a sign for the Hank Aaron State Trail. Hook a right!

WP_20151223_018You’re now in Reed Street Yards, Milwaukee’s own Global Water Technology Park. We’ve arrived at our destination! Check out the neat stone landscape, pedal along the Menomonee River for a minute, and take a look at Milwaukee from a unique vantage point.

WP_20151223_019 WP_20151223_023 WP_20151223_021

Hang out here – take a break and relax. Then simply head back the way you came. If you’re in the mood for a snack, treat yourself to a cone of Purple Door Ice Cream. There’s a Bublr Station right across the street where you can dock your Bublr Bike!