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Safe Bublr’n

Bublr has the incredible power to get new people on bicycles. The barrier to entry is low – $3 for a half hour of riding, no bike storage or maintenance. One barrier that potential Bublr riders in Milwaukee face is feeling uncomfortable riding on urban streets.

Just talking about bike safety has a connotation that biking is an unsafe thing to do. Yet, bike share, and biking in general, is statistically safer than other modes of travel and other activities we carry out.

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep safe on the road:

  • You may feel more comfortable riding on the sidewalk, but operating a bicycle on the sidewalk is actually illegal in Milwaukee if you are over the age of 10. Instead, focus on taking trails or low-traffic streets to get comfortable riding. The Discovery World station is a beginner’s friend.
  • Use basic hand signals to show drivers and pedestrians which direction you are moving. Point left when you turn left and point right when you turn right.
  • Helmet use is not mandatory for adults; however, we encourage helmet use when possible. We understand that visitors and walk up riders probably don’t have a helmet on hand.

As a pass holder, you could keep a helmet on the desk in your office if you frequently take lunchtime rides. Coast In Bikes in Walker’s Point is offering a helmet discount for Bublr pass holders. Thanks guys!

Handy tip: All of our bikes have stickers on the handlebars with the above safety information so you can never forget.