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Bublr Commuting Tips

It’s Bike to Work Week! The Bublr team is celebrating our passion for biking and spreading the love to dedicated Bublr commuters around town. Why not try something new and incorporate Bublr into your workday?

Commuting — whether to work, to school or to the grocery store — may seem like a difficult process, but it’s easier than you think to use Bublr or any bike to get from Point A to Point B.


  • Snag a discounted 30-day Bublr Pass. The Bublr Pass is available for only $5 for your first month. This deal expires 5/15 so get moving!
  • Utilize the basket. You can carry your lunch, your purse or your briefcase in the basket. Things not to put in the basket: Coffee in a takeout cup (sealed mugs keep coffee from splashing) or anything that can easily be jostled by bumps in the road.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to ride in and change once you get to work. You can also drive to work one day and drop off clothes for the week.


  • Riding a Bublr wearing a suit, skirt or heels isn’t difficult. Take a hint from Alderman Nik Kovac (pictured above) and ride in whatever you would normally wear to work.
  • If you are worried about getting sweaty while biking, slow down a little bit to avoid perspiring and wear breathable clothing. Keep a freshen-up kit in your desk drawer with items like deodorant, wet wipes, makeup, hair product and comb.
  • Use the hashtag #bublrlove to share your riding experience with us. We enjoy seeing and hearing what you are up to in Milwaukee.