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Meet Our Riders: Justin Talbot

We want to introduce you to the many faces of those who use Bublr Bikes so we have created a series of Q&A’s to share their stores. Our first featured Bublr rider is Justin Talbot.

What do you primarily use Bublr for?

I use Bublr as my main mode of transportation in the city.  I commute into the downtown area on a bus and use the bikes to go shopping, find good food or just get out of the office for a bit and get some exercise.

Why did you decide to integrate Bublr into your commute?

Bublr bikes are very cost effective and an efficient way to get around the city. It is remarkably convenient to be able to pick up a bike no matter where I am and get where I want to go. I do not have to worry about theft, maintenance or where to store a bike. My Bublr subscription gives me a personal bike on every corner of the city allowing me much more flexibility in transportation than a personal bike would.

Where do you work? Do any of your co-workers use bikes for their commute?

I work in the 411 E Wisconsin Ave building. We do not have a large biking culture, but that just means we have a lot of room for growth. I have gotten a few co-workers to sign up and now we go for bike rides over lunch.

Describe how Bublr has created value in your life?

I save a ton of money by not buying parking pass or paying for street parking. It also expands the sphere of restaurants and businesses I can visit during the day. Plus, it is great to be able to jet out on a bike ride anytime I want to.

Why is Bublr an important means of transportation?

Bublr makes biking in the city easier, more convenient, and more cost effective. It lowers the barrier to entry and will lead to more people commuting or just moving around on bikes. A reduction in car use is good for the community fiscally, environmentally and from a health perspective.

Any words of advice for new Bublr riders?

Don’t ride on sidewalks and always look out for opening car doors. Cheers.

Sitting in traffic and trying to find a parking spot in the city can get real old, real fast. Next time you are on your way to the office, try a Bublr bike.