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Meet Our Riders: Jennifer Torres

What do you primarily use Bublr for?

I use Bublr for exercise after work, and for quick transportation from the Amtrak Intermodal Station.

Where do you currently live? And work?

I live in Racine and commute daily on the Hiawatha train. I work at Interior Systems, Inc. in the Historic Third Ward.

Describe how Bublr has created value in your life?

Bublr has provided a readily accessible way for me to make changes towards improved wellness. Biking has helped me become more active and build confidence. From a practical standpoint, it allows me to get to the office a lot faster (I’m ‘vertically challenged’ and pedal much faster than I can walk!). After work, it gives me much-needed time to unplug and get a few miles in, before heading to catch the train.

Why is Bublr an important means of transportation?

As downtown and Third Ward continue to expand, Bublr provides a simple, fun way to make busy areas more accessible. It reduces time searching for parking and allows riders to take in the beauty of the area. I find myself enjoying more of Milwaukee by simply being able to just hop on a bike and go. As the Bublr network continues to grow, it will serve as a useful resource for a diverse user group, all while encouraging residents and visitors to explore the city.

Would you recommend Bublr to friends and co-workers?

Absolutely. Co-workers and friends have already signed up, and have even given Bublr month memberships as a gift. Great gift idea for the person who doesn’t need more ‘stuff’!