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Meet Our Riders: Christian Caflisch

Are you new to Bublr bikes or wondering how Bublr would fit into your life? You are in luck. Meet Christian Caflisch who uses Bublr for errands around town.

What do you primarily use Bublr for?

I primarily use Bublr to speed up trips to the bank. I’m the financial specialist at Shepherd Express and need to make trips to the bank for work. I save time taking Bublr back and forth rather than having to hoof it to and fro.

How often would you say you use Bublr?

I would say 6,583,431 times per week.

Describe how Bublr has created value in your life?

I really enjoy biking. Bublr means more biking, for me and for everyone in town.  More bikers means safer bikers. Safer bikers means more bikers. I think Bublr adds to a snow-balling of bike riders and bike infrastructure in town. The mayor said it, there’s a plan to improve Milwaukee’s national ranking as a bicycle friendly community.

What makes Bublr the right fit for deliveries and errands?

I bike commute, except for winter, to most places in town. A Bublr Bike has a large and in-charge, conspicuous sillhouette. Bublrs are big, blue, basketed, bubbly rides. It feels safe to ride a Bublr on Milwaukee’s streets, which aren’t always the safest places to ride. Drivers are more likely to see a Bublr rider, and not just think, “Oh, there’s a biker, back to my texting,” but follow that thought with, “That’s one of those bike-share bikes, isn’t it? Wonder if I should try that some time. Couldn’t be that expensive could it?” The second, third, fourth thoughts mean the biker is on the driver’s mind just a tick longer.

Would you, or have you, recommended Bublr to co-workers or friends?

Yep. They’re outside, you can leave ’em outside. Bike commuters can get something out of a Bublr subscription too. With Bublr, no down-building, up-building personal cycle transport is necessary.

Next time you’re on your way out to run errands, try a Bublr Bike!