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March’s Bublr of the Month

Bublr of the Month spotlights a rider who stands out from the crowd! The Bublr may not ride the most miles or make the most trips – but they’ve got heart and that’s what counts.

Bublr Bikes creates an easy way for people to take short trips around Milwaukee. March’s Bublr of the Month, Mr. Ibrahim Amin, uses Bublr to his advantage to save on parking costs! It’s also a happy way to get around, as he pointed out.

Ibrahim started using Bublr back in February when he got a job at the City of Milwaukee. He takes a Bublr Bike to the Red Arrow Park station, which is right across the street from work. You can’t ask for more!


1. Bublr starts the day out right!

“It’s a great way to wake up by taking a bike ride in the morning,” Ibrahim said. He car-commutes from the west side of Milwaukee to downtown. Then, Ibrahim parks his car and takes a Bublr the rest of the way to save money on parking.

2. An 8 minute walk = a 4 minute Bublr ride.

“It’s easier than taking the bus or walking,” Ibrahim said. “It cuts down on walking time during winter and that means less time in the cold. If the roads are clear [during winter], I’ll ride.”

3. Bublr makes a great neighbor.

Ibrahim wants to move closer to downtown. “I’m planning on [Bublr] being my main mode of transit,” he said. With more Bublr Stations in the works, Ibrahim will have plenty of places to choose from in the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods!