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January’s Bublr of the Month

Bublr of the Month spotlights a rider who stands out from the crowd! The Bublr may not ride the most miles or make the most trips – but they’ve got heart and that’s what counts.

Bublr is ready to present our very first Bublr of the Month – Carson Jenks! Carson was one of our Top 10 riders during the month of January. He even rode on the coldest day of January. (It was a high of 4º F if you’re curious.)

Carson is an architectural engineering student at MSOE. He rides to and from the Brady/Humboldt station to the MSOE campus and his job at MSOE’s Kern Center, which has a station right out front.

“I use [Bublr Bikes] to get from school to home,” Carson said. “It’s so convenient having a station right around the corner from my apartment.”

Last year, Carson mostly used Bublr to go on casual rides around town. He liked the convenience of picking up a bike and being able to drop it off at any Bublr Station. When he had some mechanical troubles with his personal bike, Carson became a full-fledged Bublr Pass-holder. He saw Bublr Bikes as the perfect solution for a couple of months before he heads to Prague to study abroad for a semester.

“Once in a while me and my girlfriend would go on rides over the summer, but when my bike broke two months ago I didn’t want to get a new one,” he said.

It was a snap for Carson to pick up a 30-Day Bublr Pass!

“People don’t realize how convenient it is,” he said. He also pointed out that most people don’t realize that Bublr is only $15 for a 30-Day Pass unless they walk up to a Bublr Station and take a closer look.

Team Bublr is ready to see our Bublr network grow in 2016 – and we’re looking forward to bringing more riders like Carson into the loop!