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February’s Bublr of the Month

Bublr of the Month spotlights a rider who stands out from the crowd! The Bublr may not ride the most miles or make the most trips – but they’ve got heart and that’s what counts.

Working smack-dab in the middle of three Bublr Bikes locations, Diane Munzenmaier sees Bublr as a connector to other parts of Milwaukee and a handy tool for staying active during the workweek. Diane car commutes from the ‘burbs to her job at MSOE in the Campus Center building, and uses Bublr for transportation during the day.


1. Bublr is in her “back pocket” – literally!

“I’m an alumna of Marquette so I’m looking forward to Bublr-ing up there for meetings [once the station has opened]. It’s nice not having to deal with moving a car (and finding parking).”

2. Taking out a Bublr gives her a much-needed breath of fresh air.

“I’m in an office all day long and once in awhile I have to get away, take a break and refresh,” Diane said.I Bublr down to the Public Market or use it to get out and explore the area. I take Bublr on the Oak Leaf Trail and along the lake too.”

3. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do!

“I think some people don’t understand how [Bublr] works or are scared to use it. When more people see others out there, they are more willing to give it a try.”

BONUS: “I suggest Bublr to visitors to get around the city and see what Milwaukee has to offer!”

In her work at MSOE’s Center for BioMolecular Modeling, Diane creates models for use by teachers to help make science feel more real to students.

“We have high school and college educators come into Milwaukee for a summer course,” she said. Most of them have never been here before, and Diane always recommends Bublr Bikes to help them explore the Cream City!