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April’s Bublr of the Month

Bublr of the Month spotlights a rider who stands out from the crowd! The Bublr may not ride the most miles or make the most trips – but they’ve got heart and that’s what counts.

We’re about ready to have warm weather! When the temperature goes up, so does the number of visitors who come to Milwaukee. Megan Gaus, Vice President of Marketing and Communications over at VISIT Milwaukee, shares why she uses Bublr Bikes and why travelers should too!


1. It’s her best bud for a night on the town!

Megan uses Bublr a ton during the summer to get to events, and to check out the dining scene – even though she has her own personal road bike. “When we go out, we can lock the bikes in the station, walk away and not have to be worried about them,” she said. “I think they’re fun bikes to ride, too. It reminds me of the bike I had in second grade.”

2. Bublr & walking are the best transportation combo.

Because the RiverWalk connects her from home to work and things to do, Megan loves to stroll around town. She uses Bublr Bikes when she wants to travel a bit further. “My fiancé and I share a car, so on days when he has the car,” she said, “I’ll jump on a Bublr Bike to get to a meeting across town.” PS. VISIT Milwaukee often hears compliments from tourists about how easy the city is to get around and how Bublr Bikes help visitors to explore Milwaukee! That makes us feel great.

3. Bike share is a part of Milwaukee.

“The Bublr Bikes system helps elevate our city image so it’s similar to cities like Denver, Austin and Chicago,” Megan said. She says having a bike share program brands Milwaukee as on the same level as other desirable travel destinations. “Bublr is part of Milwaukee’s story now. The bike share system is a great local resource for travelers, and we’re excited to partner with Bublr to have wayfinding maps at the stations,” she added.

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